About Western PA Estate Liquidators & Appraisals in Pittsburgh, PA

Western PA Estate Liquidators & Appraisals is locally and female owned. We are there for our clients when they need us the most.

Out of State Clients and Pittsburgh Residents covering 5 counties.

We assist in:
  • Commercial/Industrial Companies Closing a Business.
  • Death.
  • Dilemma of Handling Someone's Estate Liquidation.
  • Divorce.
  • Downsizing Their Homes.
  • Moving Into Assisted Living Facilities and Need To Liquidate Items.
  • Relocation.
  • Retirees Wanting To Move.
Certified appraiser on site, recognizing antiques/collectibles.

Trained staff is present in company attire.
We understand that handling someone's estate may be a little overwhelming. You may live out of town, time may be of the essence, or you may not be emotionally ready to handle the enormity of what stands before you due to the LOSS in which you have just suffered.
This is where we can assist you. Throughout the sale, we treat your home as if it was ours, with respect and care. Western PA Estate Liquidators & Appraisals provides on-site organization, research and pricing.
This includes professional displays for all items, parking attendance, all advertising, and signage, for both inside and outside of the home. Your house is provided with professional signage for safety and general consideration during the sale with such saying as, "no smoking, no admittance, caution steps, no animals, etc."
To learn more about us, contact Western PA Estate Liquidators & Appraisals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania today. Contact us at (724) 816-9342.